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GhostLight; digital / analog

GhostLight is the digital art collection for

Robert Innes Hopkins.

A ghost light is traditionally left on in an empty theatre. A light which, despite being illuminated for long periods,

is not often seen by the human eye.

A spectral glow, lit by it's own light,

existing somewhere between the digital and the analog.

All the work below is available at

The English Baroque

small 1.jpg

The English Baroque. Part 1

small 2.jpg

The English Baroque. Part 2

Theatre Makers SP

RIH 3.jpeg

Gotterdammerung (ghost light) 1


Gotterdammerung (ghost light) 2

RIH 1.jpeg

Gotterdammerung (ghost light) 3

RIH 2.jpeg

Gotterdammerung (ghost light) 4

Science Primitive

 Fly Pictures

Fly Picture1

Fly Picture 5


Dionysus 1

Dionysus 3

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